Delhi to Banbasa (Nepal) border

22 JANUARY 2009

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Nepal's nearest border from New Delhi is Banbasa (300 kms approx) which is just before Tanakpur in Uttarakhand.  Some stretches on the highway in Uttar Pradesh were pathetic but changed dramatically as I entered Uttarakhand. It takes 7-8 hours to reach Banbasa from Delhi. I reached Moradabad last day, i.e. 21st January. It takes 3 hours from Delhi(150kms). Left Moradabad at around 0730hrs and reached border at 1230hrs. (5 hours, relaxed ride)
Route (Delhi - Banbasa)
Delhi - (NH24) Ghaziabad - Moradabad - Rampur - (NH 87) Rudrapur - Sitarganj - (NH125) Khatima - Banbasa (border road) - Nepal border (Gadda chowki)

Route map - Delhi to Banbasa 
roads in Uttarakhand (after Rudrapur)
near Banbasa
Banbasa - take left for Nepal's border

Before the border
Just after taking left from the NH125 towards Nepal’s border I spotted bikes with red number plate and numbers in Hindi (Devnagari). Nepalese come to shop here for their daily needs. As the Indo-Nepal border is open people don’t have to take permission. Indian check posts were not checking each and every person. I was also not stopped for checking even after having lots of uncommon things like Delhinumber plate, uncommon bags on the bike (cramsters) and helmet.

I have uploaded videos and some more information on

Crossed the border
I kept on moving. My eyes were craving for ‘welcome to Nepal board’, but after a minute or two I realised that I have already entered in Nepal. I was stopped at a checkpost by the security people in blue uniforms. They were Nepalese policemen. Their uniform color is blue. I was asked to complete some formalities to enter Nepal.

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