Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nepal is closer than Shimla or Mussoorie for Delhiites. This was the reason all of a sudden I 'planned' this ride to Nepal. Not many of us here have been there, so this ride was just to explore this country. Here comes the log of my debut ride to a ‘foreign' country.

I have uploaded videos and some more information on

21 jan to 26 jan 2009

21 jan
Delhi - Moradabad

Distace - 160 kms
Time - 3 hours
road condition - bad
22 jan
Moradabad - Bardiya national park (Nepal)

via - Banbasa (Tanakpur, Uttarakhand) - Mahendranagar (Nepal) - Suklaphanta national park
Distace - 316 kms
Time - 11 hours (relaxed ride)
road condition - good from Rudrapur, very good as you enter Nepal

23 jan
Bardia national park - Butwal

via - Kohalpur
Distace - 291 kms
Time - 6.30 hours
road condtion - very good

I have uploaded videos and some more information on

24 jan
Butwal - POKHRA

Distace - 152 kms
Time - 5.30 hours
road condtion - average
25 jan
Pokhra - Sunouli border (India)

via Sarangkot - Pokhra - Vishwa shanti stupa - Butwal - Bhairawa
Distace - 231 kms
Time - 12.30 hours (includes sight seeing at Sarangkot & stupa)
road condtion - average
26 jan
Sunouli border - Delhi

via Gorakhpur - Ayodhya (Faizabad) - Lucknow - Sitapur - Rampur - Moradabad - Delhi
Distace - 900 kms
Time - 23 hours continous (my longest ride in one day till date)
road condtion - very good TO very bad
Total distance travelled - 2085 kms

map showing the route taken during the 6 days ride to Nepal from Delhi


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  2. Nice Article...very good information. i want to go nepal after reading this article. Dude a have a question, i have a bike which is not registered on my name, i bought it from someone else, can i carry this bike to nepal??

  3. @Suhaib - Yes. you can carry someone else bike. but you must poses a valid Driving license and all the necessary documents of the bike.

  4. आप का ब्लॉग अंग्रेजी में होने की वजह से काफी देर से पढ़ा .बहुत अच्छी जानकारी दी है आप ने थैंक्स !!

    1. विधान जी

      समय मिलते ही हिंदी में भी लिखने का प्रयास करूँगा।
      - शुक्रिया

  5. nice blog and useful information provide by the writer.. thanks
    blogger mhuaaaaa

  6. hi
    Nice and detailed info.. In fact, we are planning for a Nepal trip sometime next year..We are from Kerala, we would like to transport bike by train and travel to New Jalpaigudi to Nepal and exit via Mahendranagar; come back via New Delhi.. Or in reverse..
    thanks for blog

    1. Thanks Mr Ramamoorthy.
      I am also planning to ride from Delhi to Kerala someday.

  7. Hi Nice to read your blog!
    Me and few friends had a Ladak visit last month. It was a wonderful experience. After that we were searching for a place for next ride. Good to reach here. I think Nepal is another best place for riders. Thanks for your blog and fair and straight forward writing.

    Thanks :)

  8. This is a great blog. Planning for a visit to Kathmandu and was wondering if I need to fly from Delhi or drive. But after reading your blog, planning to drive by car.

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  10. You're blog is so beautiful , with lot of information ,and love those picture,
    -i am from nepal.

    1. Thanks Ravi. Which place in Nepal you belong to ?

  11. very informative.thanks for the post......

  12. Thank you for the info. You have given exactly what I was looking for. Nicely written and quite informative.

    1. Thanks for comments Sumeet. Best wishes for your ride. Ride safe.

  13. thanks you for information, i got alots information. but i ve a question that i ve plateina bike can i go with it ???????

  14. thanks for information . but i ve a qus that i ve platena bike can i go with it

  15. hey thanks for such a detailed information....planning to visit nepal on road next year...
    could u please tell me...what sufficient amount should we carry with us...what about chicken (expensive or not)....
    nad again thanks a lot...:)

  16. Brother your blog gave me a BOAST for nepal ride....... please guide me when is the best time to visit it... and how much money we need to carry in 100 rupppess..... and what about the ATM and other facilities.....

    you can mail me at

  17. It is an old post but I must say it is very resourceful. I am going next month and while doing research came across your post. It has been a long time so I guess the routes must have changed as there has been few developments in India :)
    Any inputs by someone who has been by road recently will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Where are you planning to start from ?

      I did the Delhi - Banbasa route via Moradabad. Last I visited this route was 2 years back. Roads were quiet good. Roads were same in Nepal, better quality with less traffic.

  18. Thats a great amt of info i was looking at bro. Can you pls guide few more things as I'm planning a long ride from hyderabad - mumbai - kutch - whole rajasthan - amritsar - dalhousie - manali - kasauli - nepal - uttar pradesh(lucknow)

    Pls let me know what all docs needed and how to enter Nepal. There are people telling that there is some fee per day plus customs plus other things. Can you pls give in details as to what all i need to carry and think before planning nepal. Rest all sorted. Thanks in advance bro

  19. Been planning a trip from Delhi to Kathmandu by road. Though I've done this trip delhi to nepal on two wheels. hvkumar is offline.

  20. नमस्ते सर.....
    नेपाल जाने के लिए क्या क्या document चाये कृपया करके मुझे बताये।
    और bike entry के लिए कोई pay भी करना होगा
    में इसलिए पूछ रहा हु मुझे भी जाना हैं मेरा दोस्त हैं एक नेपाल का उसके साथ Bike लेकर जाना चाहता हु